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James Noack

Re-Elect James Noack for Montgomery County Commissioner

Our Friend, Our Neighbor, Our Commissioner

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James Noack

Our Friend, Our Neighbor,
Our Commissioner

I still love working for you.

It ain’t always easy, but as your Commissioner, I take on fights and juggle different priorities across Montgomery County to ensure Precinct 3 stays the best place to live, work and play. My staff and I work hard to make sure your county government, and others I work closely with, are both transparent and fiscally responsible. Together we can all continue to tackle all challenges we face such as traffic congestion, infrastructure and management of growth.

Not only did I grow up close by, I have now raised both of my sons here. My eldest has now graduated Texas A&M, like I did, and returned to this community to start his professional career. I take great pride in him not only wanting to do so, but him having great opportunity to do so.

Being on the forefront of some very public issues recently like stopping incorporation, I have grown my supporter base and look forward to continuing these efforts as we navigate the 2024 election cycle together.



James Noack

Standing Up for Homeowners by speaking out against the local property tax increases and ensuring Montgomery County residents don’t have to live in fear of losing our homes.

Keeping Us Safe by working with authorities to implement proactive measures so we can decrease the continuous threat of flooding well before disaster strikes.

Protecting Our Wallets by helping lower the Montgomery County tax rate and combatting transportation bureaucrats who want to put tolls on our roads.

Keep James Noack working for Montgomery County.



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